Saturday, October 16, 2010

This first one is easy...

You know what really grinds my gears?  People who register a domain name for a website, and never actually use that site, preventing anyone else from having that name.  I'm not talking about the people who register a domain name in the hopes that a celebrity or a large company really wants that name and is willing to pay top dollar to have the address.  I'm talking about people who register a name on a free blogger site, and never freakin' use it. And, in my case, the name was registered back in 2005, and yet the site sits blank.  Mocking me.  I guess the person had all sorts of blogging intentions, and then ran out of steam during the 10 second registration process.  It happens.  So, as you can see, because of one of these gear grinders, my blog is entitled "Grinds my Gearsf".  Why the 'f' on the end?  I have no idea.  Apparently thinks that someone who wants the name "Grinds my Gears" but can't have that name will be equally satisfied with "Grinds my Gearsf."  And you know what?  They were right.  I'm going with it.

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