Sunday, November 14, 2010

Try a library!

You know what really grinds my gears?  People who choose to work and/or study in a public place, and then complain that it isn't quiet enough.  Ever since wi-fi became available in coffee shops, people have started camping out at their tables with their laptops, and hunkering down for the winter.  They usually nurse a single cup of coffee, and spend their day shooting dirty looks at any other patrons who dare to have a conversation and muttering about how loud the background music is.  Guess what? A coffee shop is meant for customers.  The couches are meant to encourage conversation and lingering.  The music is to allow people a relaxing environment. You need quiet?  Here's a thought: go somewhere designed for studying.  Like a library.  Hmm, if only there were some other environment where you could control the atmosphere.  Where you could decide whether music should be played and at what volume.  Where other people wouldn't be talking. Where coffee wouldn't cost so much, and refills would be freely available.  Oh wait, I know where you could get all that: YOUR OWN HOUSE.  I, too, enjoy studying, working, and reading at coffee shops.  The difference is, I don't get mad when the environment actually reflects the kind of business the owner intended to create.  If you can't handle the hubbub of a functioning coffee shop: GO HOME.